Weimar.com History

Weimar is a privately held organization which started offering computer-based accounting services in 1986.  Weimar quickly expanded into the area of electronic government medical insurance claims submission, with approvals granted by Medicare in 1986; followed by approval granted by MediCal in 1987.  The MediCal product was incorporated into a comprehensive medical office database system. 


Database experience gained on the MediCal project was applied to complex shipping problems using PICK in 1990.  Oracle support was provided starting in 1991.


Weimar consultants began offering network support services for Novell NetWare LANs starting in 1990.  Novell CNE (Certified NetWare Engineer) and CNA  (Certified NetWare Administrator) services were added in 1993.


Weimar staff trained on a new product, Lotus Notes, which showed great promise in 1995.  Notes development project deliveries soon followed.


The power that could be afforded by world wide web applications became apparent to Weimar staff in 1995, resulting in early experiments with web pages and HTML coding techniques.  Weimar.com was registered as a domain in 1997.  Serious, leading-edge dynamic HTML projects were delivered starting in 1997 as well.


The application development paths of Lotus Notes and the web finally crossed in 1997 with the advent of the mature version of the Lotus Notes web platform known as Domino.  As a result, Weimar began deliveries of increasingly ambitious web-enabled Notes/Domino applications, including complete web-based workflow systems.  By drawing upon in-depth knowledge of both Javascript and Lotus script languages, Weimar consultants were able to deliver comprehensive web applications in exceptionally short times.


As the new millennium moves forward, Weimar.com continues to forge ahead providing industry with innovative solutions built upon mature technologies.